Do you love your work?

Well we love innovation. To enable you to fully concentrate on your animal patients, we provide comfortable solutions for your therapy equipment. Intuitive user concepts and complete cost transparency right from the start, as well as excellent support from our customer services are a matter of course for us. We are your partners right from the start, and will continue to be there for you even after you buy your underwater treadmill.

As a firm of young engineers, we founded Waero over ten years ago. But we are not resting on our laurels. We are constantly developing our products and we listen very carefully to you and your colleagues. Greater work satisfaction for you is greater work satisfaction for us.

Andreas Klein

Engineer (B.Eng.)
Managing Director and founder of Waero GmbH
The manufacturer of innovative underwater treadmills for dogs


Unterwasserlaufband für Hunde


The new hydrotrainer has arrived!

We would like to introduce you to the lightness and comfort of the new multi-faceted hydrotrainer free of charge and without obligation. Come and see it for yourself and make up your own mind!

Our customers are our partners, so you have the opportunity to see the advantages of our underwater treadmill first-hand in one of ourbeacon practices. Just notify us of your interest and we will organise the rest.

Further information about our network will soon be available here.

Our Products

underwater treadmill for dogs
underwater treadmill for dogs

Inno­vative and quieter than any other model - the new hydrotrainer. The modular system of this multi-face­ted under­water tread­mill is available in the standard version (180cm therapy tank) from 24,400 Euros. The hydro­trainer can be fitted with intel­li­gent assis­tant plug-in modules for even more comfort as an option at pur­chase or at a later date.

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Our latest product is the answer to every animal physio­therapist’s dream - the vibratrainer. A space saver, it fits on the wall and does a wonder­ful job at the push of a button: it trains the deep mus­cles and at the same time stimu­lates the pro­prio­cep­tion of your patients. And as an extra bonus it also tells you the animal’s weight. Due to on­going delays in the delivery of materials, produc­tion of this item will unfortu­nately take longer than antici­pated. We ask for your patience. Come back and have another look later!

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Waero GmbH
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Unterwasserlaufband für Hunde

Corporate Social Responsibility

We look back proudly on our ten years of company history and we are so grateful that we gain such deep satisfaction from our work on a daily basis that we want to give something back. We have an abiding love for the sea and understand that many animals on this earth are native to the water and not all of them have a good start in life. That is why we support the tireless and praiseworthy work of the seal station Nationalpark-Haus in Norden and the seal station Friedrichskoog.

User Feedback

Unterwasserlaufband für Hunde
Nina H.

"The new hydrotrainer is really great. High praise to Waero - always reliable and flexible - all my wishes have been fulfilled"

Unterwasserlaufband für Hunde
Lisa K.

"Ten years ago I bought a hydrotrainer with the device number 001. Because over all these years the reliability, high-quality workmanship and Waero’s customer service have always impressed me, I was immediately sure - after hearing about the new hydrotrainer – that I wanted the new one and nothing else would do. I never want to miss out on the latest model again. It far surpasses everything I've looked at and experienced."

Unterwasserlaufband für Hunde
Imke S.

"Thanks to Waero, I was able to switch without any problems to the hydrotrainer. Super friendly, mega helpful and servicing always carried out promptly. Simply the best."

Unterwasserlaufband für Hunde
Lisa B.

"The customer service is truly outstanding! The competent team is always friendly and available to answer every little question. I am glad I chose such a wonderful manufacturer."