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Acces­sories which extend service life and give more con­trolled use of precious water for under­water tread­mills!

You can pur­chase our acces­sories as a private prac­tice or as a trading company/re­seller from:

Metz-Handel / Holger Metz
Behrensstraße 111
46049 Oberhausen
Tel.: +49 (0)208 / 768 73 37

Therapy harness from Benecura® Specialist Support Bandages for Animals, for thera­peutic work with para­lysed and weakened dogs connec­ted to the upper frame of the hydrotrainer.
The corres­pon­ding ring loops are already inclu­ded with our upper frame.

Benecura® Specialist Support Bandages for Animals
Monika Reeh-Mehlis
Hauptstraße 24
56637 Plaidt
Tel.: +49 (0)26 32 / 98 777 80